„Tymos Poland” is one of leading Polish manufacturers of crepe paper, smooth crepe paper and aluminium crepe.

We also confection this flagship item which is to crepe paper in different kinds of assortment.

Due to our experience we have gained during many years existence on the market, we offer you products, which are characterized not only very good quality but also competitive price. The production of crepe paper know practically everything! That’s why we provide you with such a specialized product range.

Why partner with us?

  • The products we offer are characterised by high quality of workmanship. We consistently comply with all the prescribed quality standards.
  • We do realize that children are the main end customer of our products. Therefore, we offer the products that are safe for health.
  • We specialise in crepe paper manufacturing because it is what we know most about. Hence, we offer products that we have been developing during our several years’ existence on the market.
  • Highest quality for a competitive price – We try to reach all those who need quality products that we offer. That is why our price policy is to offer a perfect combination of quality and price.
  • Permanent availability of products – we have a spacious storehouse in which we have the products that we offer and in this way all the products are on the spot.
  • Short completion dates of supplies – due to the fact that most of our products are offered on the spot we guarantee a quick order completion.
  • Our customers are the most important to us! That is why we wish to establish long term partnership relations which will be mutually beneficial. Your satisfaction is our main objective so we strive for developing and improving our offer.